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Clare Breaks Ground on New Indoor Turf Facility

The Clare community is celebrating the start of a new project.

It’s all happening at the Brookwood Athletic Complex in Clare. On Friday they hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the construction on an indoor turf facility.

The facility is more than 10,000 square feet and will be used by local organizations for a variety of activities, including soccer, football and marching band. Plans also call for batting cages and a golf simulator. The entire facility has been completely community funded through donations.

We have an incredibly generous community,” said Matt Forsberg, leader of the Clare Turf Room Committee. “I’ve always been super proud to be a part of that. And it’s it’s something that our community has stepped forward and really said, we want our kids to be active. We want them to be doing things. We want to see our kids be the best they can be.

The community is not wasting any time either. They plan to have the facility up and running by spring.

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