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Chippewa County Vietnam War Veteran Receives Long Overdue Recognition

Commendation Medal

One Chippewa County Vietnam War veteran recently received a well-deserved medal – more than a half-century after serving.

Robert Serocke of Raber was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War in September 1966. He arrived in Vietnam in November 1966 and served as a power grid and communications expert.

After he served, his lieutenant told Serocke that he was to receive the Army Commendation Medal. However, Serocke never received that medal until this past June when persistence paid off.

“Be patient and follow through what you want,” he said. “If I had not followed through on this, I would not have gotten it. It was lost. So the lieutenant thought, ‘You didn’t get the medal yet?’ No… fifty some years ago, no.”

Serocke also received the Combat Infantryman and Vietnam Service Medal.