Supporting Recovery on Ferris State’s Campus with C.R.E.W.

“I had dabbled with substances a little bit in high school, but it wasn’t until college that I kind of went left when I always intended to go right,” says Scott Winkle.

Scott Winkle knows how much fun college can be, but he also knows that the decisions you make there can impact you for the rest of your life.

He says, “I am a person in recovery and I’m so passionate about it because college was kind of the time in my life where my life took a different journey and went down a different path.”

And his decisions led him to become the site coordinator for C.R.E.W. — collegiate recovery education and wellness. A substance recovery resource available to students at Ferris State University.

“I care about the students because I know what that looks like. I was somebody who thought that college was the time to go out and party and drink and use substances, when it wasn’t,” says Winkle.

C.R.E.W. is a supportive place on campus that offers students support in their recovery journey and work on a plan to help achieve personal and academic goals.

Winkle explains, “We’re not an abstinence only program, but we’re believe in harm reduction and safe practices. We’re a judgement free zone for students to come, hang out, have a safe place away from substances…And also help the students who aren’t quite to that point of needing recovery. They’re not in active addiction, but they’re making those high risk choices before they get to that point.”

C.R.E.W. teams up with Ten-16— a non-profit recovery network.

“In the area of recovery, it is such a closeted subject matter. We think about substance use disorders, there’s so much stigma attached to them,” says Jessica Miller.

Jessica Miller is the crew supervisor and community engagement manager for Ten-16.

Miller explains, “We’ve been able to partner with them as the experts in the field. We also have Tammie Fogal as our licensed outpatient therapist. That is a service that students were a little bit hesitant to get into when they had to go through their parents’ insurance or when they had to pay for it themselves. Being able to do that, removed that financial barrier for students.”

Helping Ferris students like Ashley Kibler.

“I am one year sober, September 1, 2022. Out of 12 years of active addiction. My active addiction started right out of high school,” says Kibler.

Providing her with recovery coaching, student evaluations, support groups, and positive insight.

Kibler says, “Very active in helping me not with just recovery stuff. But the education part. Finding the connections, giving you the resources, and giving me someone to have as a point person.”

Whether you’re someone dealing with addiction, or know someone who is struggling with substance abuse– anyone can be part of crew and *know that this resource has your back.

“I’m here saying that you can do it because I’ve hit my rock bottoms before. Sleeping under bridges, living in cars, not knowing what I was going to do in the next hour for food, or the next day,” says Kibler.

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