Sault Ste. Marie, Brimley to Host Suicide Prevention Walks

We are in the last week of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month – a month dedicated to raise awareness of this stigmatized and often taboo topic.

In Chippewa County Friday and Saturday, you can show your support for those who have a mental illness that can lead to suicide.

The Chippewa County Communities That Care as part of the Chippewa County Health Department will have two walks. The first walk takes place Friday in Sault Ste. Marie from Big Lots to Jo-Ann Fabrics and the second walk is on Saturday in Brimley at Bay Mills Memorial Park Loop across from Pickles.

It’s safe to say that suicide has impacted just about everyone. Not only will the walk bring awareness, but information on mental illness and suicide prevention will also be available.

“It’s having the conversation,” said Clara James, prevention specialist and social worker. “Knowing how to ask someone how they are doing and if they are ok. And how to follow through with it. If they no, or if they say yes, but maybe their mood or mannerisms don’t match and how to did a little deeper.”

“There is a very high death rate in the U.S. with this. It is for anybody,” added Stephanie Woods, health educator technician. “All it is is that come out, have the conversations with us, get the information and just walk. We are Yoopers. We can do this! If it rains, put on some rain boots and a rain jacket. It’s just supporting our community and telling the people who have suffered with this that you are not alone.”

For more information on each walk, visit here.


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