Zaria, Great Dane Stranded on Cranberry Lake, Safely Captured

Zaria, a Great Dane stranded on Cranberry Lake in Harrison for more than a month, has been safely captured.

The Clare County Animal Control confirmed Wednesday that Zaria is now at the animal shelter and is doing great.

“What we were told was that the dog got off its collar that was on a leash at nighttime,” said Clare County Animal Control Officer Bob Dodson, earlier this month. “She took off running, didn’t know which way it was running, headed down towards the lake, hit the lake, and we apparently figured it swam across the canal and ended up on the island.”

Dodson said the owners had signed ownership of Zaria to the Clare County Animal Shelter.

Officers with the Clare County Animal and rescue volunteers had been working since mid-August to safely get the dog off the island.

“The plan was to get her used to going in the trap, as far as catching her,” said Dodson. “Instead of putting the food outside the trap, we solely put food inside the trap, and today she sprung it.”

They’re going to keep assessing Zaria’s well-being before being placed in a foster home.

“We’re going to keep assessing her, making sure she’s gaining weight, get her back to the vet, it’ll be a week or so just to double check,” said Clare County Animal Control Director Ruanne Hicks. “She’s not very trusting but she’s extremely sweet. She never offered to growl, she never offered a bite, nothing.”

They said they would be posting updates on Zaria’s condition to their Facebook page.