Get a One-of-a-Kind Experience at ‘My Michigan Roots’ in Elk Rapids

There’s no place like Michigan…and the people who live here have a sense of pride like no other!

My Michigan Roots in Elk Rapids is all about the great outdoors. Almost everything you can find in the store is created by the owner, Tim Barry, including the Michigan Roots logo.

The store is filled with quality clothing and accessories. Barry says, “We have been at this for ten years and it’s been a lot of trial and error at the beginning, but we have gotten it dialed right so we have those t-shirts that you’re just going to always want to put on…It’s not one of those regular t-shirt shops.”

You can also buy your own piece of history here! Original pieces of the Mackinac Bridge are available for purchase! Check it out here!

But outerwear isn’t the only thing you can find here…My Michigan Roots is ALL about the adventure! Since Michigan is full of natural beauty– what better way to explore the beautiful outdoors than with some one-of-a-kind experiences!

My Michigan Roots offers one-wheel rentals and E-Foil lessons!

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