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Cherry Capital Airport Introduces New Security Technology


New airport technology is rolling out across the county, and the Cherry Capital Airport located in Traverse City is one of these ports who have received new security machines.

This new credential authentication technology allows flyers to no longer receive a visual inspection from the document checker. Instead you will hand over your ID. It then will be inserted into a machine, validated and verified that you are flying out that day.

These new machines allow flyers to get through security lines quicker as well as add an extra layer of security by ensuring no fraudulent documents are being used to travel.

“We’re no longer have any element of human error there because we know that the ID is good, it’s not fraudulent, it’s connected to the person who’s giving it to us,” Jessica Mayle, the Regional Spokesperson for Transportation Security Administration states. “That’s a huge improvement and I think a more secure experience for the passenger.

In addition to this new technology, TSA advises travelers to also get TSA pre-check to ensure a speedy security experience.

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