Volunteers Needed to Help Plant 6,000 Plants For Drainage at Pickford Township Park

The conservation district started in the 1940s to locally manage natural resources, and on Wednesday you can do your part in helping the Chippewa, Luce and Mackinac Conservation District plant 6,000 plants in a local park.

It’s a rain garden planting party!

From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., volunteers are needed at the Pickford Township Park in Pickford to help plant all kinds of different plants in specific areas that have poor drainage.

There are three different main areas at the park that collect water, keeping the ground very wet. These plants will help manage water flow while adding beauty to the land.

“It will be good to have, A, an example of it because a lot of people will come here, a lot of people will see what a rain garden can do….the purpose of it is. And then they might install one at their house or they will come out and plant at a future one but I think it will be good to raise awareness and it will be good to fix that wetness issue and also provide some pollinator habitat,” Jacob Hartman, watershed technician, said.

It’s a great opportunity to beatify, preserve and protect that local park.

Snack and beverages will be available.

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