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Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Dick 2

“This planet is a gift that has been given to us. And it’s our responsibility to not only care for it, but also keep it up, nurture it, find the beauty in things.”

Dick Grant has a love for preserving nature’s beauty– but also adding to it.

“My entire life I’ve been in love with nature. Bringing nature to people, and educating them about nature- that’s in my heart, that’s in my soul,” says Grant.

After retiring from the Howell Nature Center after 40 years and working as the President of the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association–
Grant’s passion for the outdoors hasn’t ended, but blossomed into something more.

He says, “I just love to plant. I love to watch things grow. It’s like a pallet that someone just took a bunch of paint and threw the paint on the canvas.”

Constructing a beautiful garden in front of his home in Fife Lake.

“The one thing about gardening- everyone does something a little bit different. My wife keeps telling me that I need to cut back a little bit. But I’ve always been in the mindset that if one garden looks nice then three or four might even look better,” says Grant.

Each flower– holding a special meaning to him…

He explains, “Some flowers like zinnias and cosmos, and kanas that stir great memories in the past of my dad or my aunt planting, so I plant those in memory of them. And then we had a family friend in the up that taught me a lot about nature. I love to attract wildlife to the area. I have lots of hummingbirds, I have lots of butterflies and that brings me joy as well.”

Grant hopes his garden plants that seed for others to cultivate their own relationship with mother nature.

“I have a little business called cannon creek consulting where I go into peoples yards and help them identify different plants, maybe some invasive plants they may have in their backyard or on their property. And I do provide some gardening tips and even in some cases I will even plant for them.”

And all are welcome to “Dick’s botanical gardens”…

“If anyone wanted to stop and see it, I wouldn’t hesitate if someone wanted to come out and see it, that would be great.”