Traverse City Brewery Looks to the Kitchen for the Next Big Thing on Tap

"I think it will be great. Hopefully it’s a delicious experiment." - Pete Kirkwood

A Traverse City brewery is cooking up an idea that calls for some hustle and bustle in the bar kitchen. The Workshop Brewing Company is looking for the next restaurant to occupy its kitchen space.Workshop Bar

The first year of a “Restauranteur Incubator Program” is coming to a close. So now the bar is looking for the next food truck or start-up to take over. Workshop Brewing Company Founder Pete Kirkwood says it’s an opportunity to partner with the bar and test the waters of running a restaurant – with all the kitchen facilities at your disposal. “We have a fully equipped kitchen here and we have a captive audience of enthusiastic customers. So it’s kind of a perfect world for an enthusiastic, up and coming restauranteur.” Kirkwood says the past year with “Archie’s” has been “a really great experience for us.”

“There’s no question about it, having great food in here is great for us because people will stay longer. And I just think it’s healthier to have something to eat while you’re drinking beer,” Kirkwood says.

Applications are open now, but the Workshop is hoping to have someone move in after the first of the year. “A lot of food trucks close in the wintertime because it’s really cold to be out in a food truck, or wherever they’re selling they just don’t have the traffic. An operator in our place has a dedicated client base with great beer to go with it, and all the equipment that anybody would need. Plus it’s warm!”Workshop Kitchen

Archie’s – which is in the space now – is still working on their future plans, but they hope to open a brick and mortar location soon.  Workshop Brewing is looking for a one-year commitment, with the option to extend beyond that.

The selected applicant will work and learn within the program for one year, starting in January, with a potential to partner with the Workshop Brewing Company thereafter if both parties see a long-term fit in growing their businesses together. 

Interested applicants should email a sample menu, business plan, resume, and three references to

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