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Pickford Public Schools Start School One Week Late Due to Construction

Students in one local school district had an extra week of summer vacation due to construction at their school.

The doors opened this morning at 7:45 as the first students arrived at Pickford Public Schools in Chippewa County. Back in May, voters passed a $3.5 million plan to add on to the school and remodel part of it, as well as to repair, develop and improve the school grounds.

Officials say there was still a lot of construction debris in the school Labor Day weekend, so they decided to start school one week later.

The students are not the only ones excited.

“That goes for the adults too. We are excited, but we have a little bit of nerves, but most kids I’ve seen with a smile on their face and they are ready to go and we are too!” Kyle Rairigh, Pickford High School and Middle School Principal, said. “And that is what’s the best thing about it is that kids want to be in school and we want them here. And that is where our community thrives is around our school.”

The entire construction project is expected to be done by the fall of next year.