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Moxie Estate Sales Turning Treasures into Community

Lisa Lamont started Moxie Estate Sales with a dream of honoring her mother and transforming the community she lives in.

Before moving up state, she dreamt about opening a business that gave life to items people no longer needed. Lamont says opening this business was one of the toughest things she’s ever done, but it’s been more rewarding than she imagined.

Now, antique finders all over the state have created a network and community through her sales. They only take on a few projects at a time to make sure that each of the clients homes they service are thoughtfully gone through.

Lamont says there are key items people might throw away when moving, but those items could be the most important. She collects maps, brochures, newspapers, and match books.

In their estate sales, people can find items that bring back memories like trinkets or old model cars. Others come to find large home items for a cheap price. 

Moxie has estate sales all year round, for more of their treasures

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