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Rising Costs of Apples Means More Expensive Apple Cider this Fall

From costs to operate farm equipment to labor costs, prices of apples continue to rise across the U.S. and at BrixStone Farms in Bear Lake.

But that cost, unfortunately, reflects back to the consumer.

A half-bushel of honeycrisp apples has increased between $5 to $10 dollars since last year. An 17% decline for apple crops in Michigan has also resulted in prices of apple cider and apples to increase.

“We used to pay $12 per post on our trellis systems and there’s a post every 25 feet/ Now we’re paying 24 or 25 for a treated post,” Keaton Foster, Owner of BrixStone Farms, said . “Everything’s gone up at least 30% as far as our inputs. We’re not raising the prices to make a little more money. It’s to literally just cover our costs.”

Michigan comes third in the United States for apple production.

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