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New Brewery Coming to Cadillac, Replacing Long Road Distillery


After recent business closures in Cadillac, City Council members on Tuesday approved a new brewery to set up shop.

Though recent closures to Herman’s European Café and Long Road Distillers are concerning, Cadillac city manager, Marcus Peccia, says it was never something he thought Cadillac couldn’t come back from.

“Certainly I’m concerned when I see people closing their doors, but I wasn’t concerned that it was because of a problem or an issue with doing business or commerce in Cadillac. The reasons were very different between the two,” Peccia explained.

Now, with a new business on the way, council members hope it’s a sign of things to come.

Red Tail Brewing Company owns the Reed City Brewing Company. It has been operating in downtown Reed City since 2017, and now, they’ll also operate the Cadillac Brewing Company.

“I think it will be a wonderful new amenity and destination location for folks in our community and from outside to come and enjoy,” Peccia says.

Peccia says although it’s tough to see businesses like Long Road Distillers leave, he’s glad the building won’t sit empty for long. The Cadillac Brewing Company will take over the former Long Road Distiller building.

“Seeing a space that just recently lost it’s tenant become available [and] become available again because another user snatched it up, I believe in about 24 hours of it being posted online,” Peccia stated. “It’s just a great sign to the community that Cadillac is still very strong and still a place where people want to be, where business want to be.”

The owners of Red Tail Brewing Company say they’re pleased with council members’ decision. Co-owner, Courtney Murphy, says they’re happy to have their support.

“I think it’s super awesome that the city of Cadillac came together and was able to approve this coming in. That just shows right off the bat we have the communities support,” Murphy stated.

They say their glad to join the Cadillac community and hope to open their doors as soon as possible.

“We’ll just do what we can to come into the community and give back and be able to offer a place for people to come together enjoy themselves, have fun, eat good food and drink good beer and wine,” Murphy predicts.

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