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Crafting With The Katies

Crafting with the Katies: Creating a Fall Wreath

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We’re so excited to be introducing Crafting with the Katies – a new segment all about DIY and crafting!

This week, we’re jumping into the fall season and making a fall wreath.

The items you need include:

  • A wreath of your choice
  • Fall florals
  • Foam pumpkins
  • Pinecones
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft wire
  • Wire cutters

We found all these items at our local craft store.

Here are the steps to create your perfect fall wreath:

Step 1: Start laying out your fall florals, pumpkins, pinecones, or whatever you’d like to use on your wreath. Take a look at how you’d like to arrange your décor on the wreath. You can get inspiration from online, like Pinterest, or follow your own arrangement!

Step 2: If you are using long-stemmed florals, start cutting the stems off the flowers so they’re easier to secure to the wreath.

Step 3: Start hot gluing your florals to your wreath. Make sure to be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue!

Step 4: You can hot glue the pinecones on, but we found it easier to wrap them with wiring and secure them to our wreath!

Step 5: You can create a hook with the craft wiring and hot glue it or secure it to the back of the wreath.

And you’re done! It’s that simple to make something so fun and festive for your front door.

If you make a fall wreath, share it with us! You can email us at and

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