Gas Prices Drop for Labor Day, Still Up From Last Year

Labor Day is here and marks the unofficial end of the summer travel season.

While gas prices are still up compared to Labor Day 2021, the cost has been slowly dropping since June. That national average is at $3.78 per gallon, with Michigan sitting at $3.82.

The temporary shutdown of BP’s Whiting Refinery in Indiana has slowed down the Midwest’s decline of gas prices, but holiday travelers are happy to see some relief.

“Any time we can save money, that’s a good thing. So obviously it makes it easier to travel for sure,” said holiday traveler Patrick Fogle. “I have to put in 93 Octane in my car, so it’s it’s more than most people have to pay. So that’s not fun. But it is what it is.”

“The gas prices right now, I feel are only falling because the election time,” added fellow holiday traveler Chuck Seasons. “A lot of people forget they’re taking gas out of our gas reserves and that’s important to our national security, our gas reserves. It’s not a good thing to take it out of there. Inflation and everything else, it’ll go right back up.”

Experts say they expect prices to drop even further but warn that upcoming hurricane season could disrupt supply.