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Newaygo Nurse Charged After Failing to Report Medication Error

A Newaygo nurse was charged after failing to tell a supervisor that two incorrect doses of medicine were administered to a member of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, according to Attorney General Dana Nessel.

The Department of the Attorney General alleges that in Dec. 2020, Beverly Bratcher, 56, of Newaygo, was working as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and became aware that two incorrect medication doses were given to a member of the home.

Bratcher, according to the department, had a duty to report the error to a supervisor or physician, but failed to do so. She was charged with one count of second degree vulnerable adult abuse, a four-year felony, and is expected to be arraigned in mid-September.

“Caring for vulnerable adults is a significant responsibility that requires special care,” said Attorney General Nessel. “Failure to fulfill that responsibility can have dire and even criminal consequences and my department will not hesitate to act.”

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