Chippewa County Fair Hosting Special Needs Day

The Chippewa County Fair is continuing a special tradition this year, by hosting Special Needs Day.Chip Co Fair

On Thursday from 11AM-1:30PM, the lights and sounds on the rides will be shut off to accommodate visitors.

There will be no cost to ride.

After the rides, the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department will host a meet and greet that includes a free lunch.

“I wanted to find an event where I could bring all my deputy sheriffs and everybody in uniform to meet and mingle with the children, those who have autism or those with other special needs,” says Sheriff Mike Bitnar, adding “If we build that relationship early, and they know when they see us, and we are already friends, they will come running to us, and that’s the biggest goal.”

To find a link to a full schedule of events at the Chippewa County Fair, click here.

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