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Business in Focus: Foundations For Our Future Campaign with Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity

Business In Focus Habitat For Humanity

has officially broken ground on the largest building development in the organization’s history, the Foundations For Our Future campaign.

Through this campaign, the local housing nonprofit aims to build 43 new homes across Emmet and Charlevoix counties by 2025. Currently, Habitat has ten home builds underway, three of which are in the process of being sold to qualified Habitat partners. By the end of the year, 15 homes will be under construction through the first phase of development in this large-scale residential building campaign.

By launching the Foundations For Our Future campaign, NMHFH is boldly responding to the housing crisis by raising the $5 million in capital needed to construct 43 homes in the community by 2025. By reaching their $5 million goal, NMHFH will significantly increase their capital pool to fund upfront construction costs. As homes are built they are sold to qualified Program Partners, and those sales help to fund the next round of builds. In this way, the $5 million in startup funds will allow Habitat to complete over $12 million in construction. This campaign will create a sustainable way for Habitat to permanently increase their yearly home builds from 3-4 per year to 13 or more, an increase of almost 400%.

“Our affiliate relies heavily on local support for our builds, with 85% of our funding coming directly from local donors” explains Sarah Ulrich, Executive Director at Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity. “When you donate to this campaign your donation is reinvested multiple times through the building and selling of new homes, so all funds raised are making a huge impact on our local community and our ability to build affordable housing.”

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