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Central Michigan University Working with New, Returning Students for Safe College Experience

Classes begin Monday at Central Michigan University, which means students are making their way back to the Mt. Pleasant campus.

As students reunite with friends and prepare for this year, CMU Police are looking out for their safety.

Officers work with students to ensure that parties are held safely and responsibly. They are also informing students on ordinances and guidelines to avoid trouble. They’re working to create a safe college experience.

“We’re going to have extra staff here on campus,” Chief Larry Klus, CMU Police Station, said. “We’ve beefed up our staff for some extra patrols and additional we’re providing prersonnel to the city of Mount Pleasant and they ahve walking teams that will be walking north campus and portions of their downtown. Again, we want our students to have a good time. That’s part of, you know, the college experience.”

CMU is also hosing weekend events like Rec-Fest and Main Stage to give students safe ways to celebrate a new school year.