Meet Loki: Cherry Grove Fire Department’s Newest Member

He has four legs, is full of energy, loves to cuddle, and is putting smiles on firefighters’ faces. Loki is the newest member of the Cherry Grove Fire Department.

The fire Department got Loki, a one-year-old Lab-Dalmatian mix, on Wednesday. He is a rescue from Escanaba.

The firefighters plan to teach him to stop, drop and roll, but his only real job is to be a lovable friend and bring smiles to everyone.

“We think that having a dog here will help on those tough calls coming back. Some of those calls can be pretty traumatic, and come back from a serious call and snuggle with a friendly dog, it’s kind of nice with PTSD going around it’s nice to have that in place,” said Spencer Dewey, EMT and Firefighter at Cherry Grove Fire Department.

Once Loki is trained, he will go to different events and visit schools. He will also ride shot-gun in the fire truck during parades.