New Equestrian Campground Coming to Pinora Township

"This is going to enhance the region and give equestrians a place to ride and camp." Scott Slavin Northwestern Lower Peninsula Trail Specialist

PinorahorsecampgroundA new equestrian campground that’s been years in the making will soon be a reality in Lake County’s Pinora Township.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Trail Specialists held an open house Wednesday afternoon about the development. Northwestern Lower Peninsula Trail Specialist, Scott Slavin, says there’s been a lot of thought and preparation that has gone into the process.

“I’ve held many meetings with equestrian groups, motorized groups, local community organizations to discuss this. And here we are now looking at a design and getting final community input,” Slavin stated.

After three years of discussion, the DNR is prepared to move forward on the new campground, which will feature 25 campsites along 8th Street near Tin Cup Springs in Lake County. However, some say the process has taken much longer.

Becke Grams moved to the area with her husband in the early 1980s. She says her and a friend created the trail 35 years ago, and it wasn’t long after when she began asking the DNR for a campground.Pinorahorsetrail

“We had an old-fashioned guy who retired from the DNR and he said, ‘sure we can do this.’ He filled out all the paperwork, unfortunately it got lost. So, we went on to the next guy,” Grams said.

Grams explains that after years of waiting and multiple phone calls, she decided to ask for some help. So, she gathered everyone she could in the equestrian community to reach out to the DNR, and says they finally took notice.

“So, all the horse people around here, horse people around the state have helped make this trail,” Grams claims.

She says she’s grateful for all the help and hopes the campground will be open by spring 2023.

“I am so excited, because it’s really going to come to fruition. Love it,” Grams smiled.