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Michigan Towers, Inc. Hoping to Hire Veterans

Michigan Towers Inc

A northern Michigan veteran-owned business is hoping to hire former or soon-to-be former military members to fill positions in what could be an exciting new career.  Traverse City-based Michigan Towers Inc. wants to employ several people help install cell phone towers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Michigan Towers is a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors or NATE.  There’s a section within it called Military of NATE  which promotes the hiring of veterans by connecting active duty personnel to NATE member companies.  The goal is to help them transition back into the civilian workforce.  The positions are open to anyone, but they know veterans have what it takes to get the job done.

“There’s a lot of skill sets that come with a veteran as far as being able to communicate, being able to work as a team, being able to lead teams.  So, a lot of benefiting factors with hiring veterans. We do most of our training in-house.  No fear of heights, being able to travel.  Those are key factors in our industry,” said Nick Trussell, Michigan Towers, Inc. Operations Director.

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