Oceana County Sheriff Pins Son at Grand Valley State University Police Academy Graduation

Oceana County Sheriff Craig Mast had the honor of pinning his son, Deputy Mitchell Mast, during the Grand Valley State University Police Academy graduation ceremony at GVSU’s Louis Armstrong Theatre in Allendale.

Prior to his graduation, Deputy Mast was hired by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. It is customary that, when police academy students have job offers at graduation time, the agency’s Sheriff of Chief of Police pins a deputy’s first badge on the student they are hiring, according to the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office.

However, because of this special circumstance, Sheriff Steve Kempker invited Sheriff Mast to do the honor of pinning his son at the ceremony.

“Mitchell has grown up in a law enforcement family. He knows what it’s like to have a dad go to work for twelve hours, and miss different life events,” said Sheriff Mast. “I worked nightshift for my first fourteen years, which is most of Mitchell’s childhood; he knows what nightshift is about. I’m glad Mitchell will be working for a very progressive sheriff’s office that is doing great things for their citizens and visitors.”

Deputy Mast graduated from Hart High School in 2018, and Grand Valley State University with a bachelor’s of science in law enforcement.

Mast was one of the “squad leaders” while in the fifteen-week police academy, and he will report for duty on Monday.