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Charlevoix Harbor South Pier Ancillary Walkway Being Removed

Charlevoix South Pier

The ancillary walkway of the Charlevoix Harbor South Pier is being removed over safety concerns.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says waves and ice have damaged the walkway, keeping it closed to foot traffic for more than two years now.

“The benefits of removing it outweigh the alternative of extensive repairs and costly maintenance,” says Elizabeth Newell Wilkinson, Grand Haven Resident Engineer.

Engineers say taking out the walkway will also lower the impact of waves on the next walkway over.

South Pier and a small section of Michigan Beach Park will be closed during the removal.

A floating base for the engineers is coming up from Detroit and will be on site for the rest of August.

“Following removal of the ancillary walkway, the adjacent wave attenuator walkway will remain available for South Pier access,” says Wilkinson.

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