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Hook and Hunting: Fiberglass Boat Recycling Survey

The Department of Natural Resources and Michigan Boating Industries Association want to hear from you.

They are working with other organizations to find ways to recycle fiberglass boats.

It comes after the DNR has found several old boats dumped on state land.

They want people to complete a to help estimate how many fiberglass boats are out there ready to be recycled.

“It hasn’t really been a conversation because fiberglass is a really resilient material. Those first generation, that legacy fleet of boats that were manufactured at the end of the sixties all the way up through the early nineties are just now coming to the end of their usable life,” said Mia Turek, Engagement and Innovations Specialist for the DNR.

The Michigan boating industry hopes to have a fiberglass boat recycling program by 2023.

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