Gaylord Man Arrested After Throwing Rock at Moving Car, Injuring Seven-Year-Old Girl

Clifton Mug

A Gaylord man was charged in Otsego County after he threw a rock out of the window of his jeep and injured a little girl in another car, according to Michigan State Police.

The incident happened on McCoy Road in Bagley Township Saturday night when a driver, his girlfriend and her two children saw the girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend Brandon Clifton, 31, of Gaylord, driving in the opposite direction on Plywood Road.

Clifton, after seeing the four people in their truck, slammed on his brakes, spun around and began following them. He then sped past them, hit his brakes and pulled out a large rock, throwing it out of the window of his jeep and into the path of the truck.

The rock ricocheted off of the truck and went through the windshield of a Dodge Caravan that was driving the other way. A seven-year-old girl in the Caravan sustained minor injuries due to flying glass, according to MSP.

Clifton was charged with one count assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of malicious destruction of personal property over $1,000 but less than $20,000 and littering – object in a vehicle path.

His bond was set at $2,000 cash surety.