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Better Business Bureau Warns About Cadillac Job Offer Scam

The Better Business Bureau in western Michigan is warning about a potential job offer scam.

They say the company Turbo Quad Post claims they offer package forwarding services.

Victims receive an e-mail with a job offer claiming all they have to do is receive packages, inspect them and send them to a different address and they offer a decent amount of pay. However, the victims were asked to submit a lot of personal information to be hired and not given any money for their work.

Turbo Quad Post lists their address online as being in Cadillac, but their building does not exist.

“If you’re doing like a repacking situation, that’s usually a case where you are helping a scammer maybe take stolen goods with stolen money from, you know, maybe a hacked account and then redirecting it so it’s harder to trace,” Katie Grevious, Communications Specialist at Better Business Bureau, said.

The Better Business Bureau says if a job offer seems to good to be true, there is a good chance it’s fake. They say to always do your own research before submitting personal information, like making sure the location is a legitimate place and the company has a working phone number.

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