Mount Pleasant Commissioners Approve Additional School Resource Officer

Img 6799Mount Pleasant City Commissioners Monday night approved adding an additional resource officer to Mount Pleasant Public Schools, but not without some back and forth.

Although Mount Pleasant’s Mayor, Amy Perschbacher, and Vice Mayor, Olivia Cyman opposed the proposal, the commission voted to approve adding a resource officer at Mount Pleasant Middle School.

Mount Pleasant Public School’s Superintendent, Jennifer Verleger says the commission’s decision was a good one.

“Our teenagers, our children need additional support and we view the Youth Services Program as another way to provide that support to our students,” Verleger says.

The Mayor and Vice Mayor were the only no votes Monday night’s meeting citing a lack of data clearly expressing the need for anImg 6800 additional officer. Even though the position is paid for through the school and grants.

“Some of the no voters are very strong in the mental health field and they’d like to see almost no officers in the schools,” City Commissioner, Mary Alsager explains. “Just talking to people I know, they say there is a need.”

The schools say they want the best for students and think the decision to add an officer does just that.

“We know over the next few years that we’ll continue to grow together and really make our community a better place for our students and for our families. So, we’re really happy with the decision,” Verleger smiles.

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