Business in Focus: Robotic Surgery at the Mackinac Straits Health System in St. Ignace

Mackinac Straits Health System (MSHS) recently became a leader in the field of robotic guidance and navigation through the purchase of spinal surgery robot.

Excelsius GPS is the world’s first revolutionary robotic navigation platform. This advanced technology improves accuracy and patient safety. The only facility offering this spinal robotic surgery in the region is Mackinac Straits Hospital in St. Ignace.

Robot Contest With Class 2

Anthony Bozzio, MD, specializes in surgical treatment of the spine. He has experience in all aspects of back surgery, including spinal robotic cases.

Dr. Bozzio sees patients through Bay Street Orthopaedics & Spine at the St. Ignace Medical Clinic and performs surgical cases at Mackinac Straits Hospital.

Alongside this new technology, MSHS conducted a contest to name the robot.

“We invited all third and fourth graders in our service area to submit entries. Students were instructed to color in the drawing and provide a name for the surgical robot,” said Mike Grisdale, MSHS Marketing Director. “There were 75 entries received. Hillary Winberg, a third grader from St. Ignace Elementary was chosen for her entry of Hope”.

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