Houghton Lake Businesses ‘Grateful’ for Bud Bash, Expect Big Weekend

Lg Boat RentalBusinesses in Houghton Lake are preparing for a busy weekend as thousands of tourists flood to Houghton Lake for Bud Bash.

Local businesses says every year Bud Bash gives a boost to the local economy.

“It’s sort of like a Fourth of July weekend. Not quite as busy, but it’s pretty busy,” Owner of Angelo’s Party Store John Hibbard explains.

Owner of Heights Marina and L&G Boat Rental Gary Daniels says although higher gas prices have made things tough this summer they always sell out for Bud Bash.

“Yeah, all the stores love it, the restaurants love it and I do too, because I rent boats. Been doing it 22 years,” Daniels states. “I rent 24 pontoons and they’re all sold out. So, it’s a good time.”

And whether it’s boat rental businesses, party stores, or restaurants — every business in Houghton Lake feels the impact. Angelo’s Owner Hibbard says they start getting busy Friday and theAngelospartystore extra traffic sticks around until Sunday.

“People coming up right now — they’re all camping, they’re getting gear, they’re getting gas, they’re getting booze. Tomorrow morning the water’s going to be full,” Hibbard says.

Hibbard says he and every business in town is grateful for the business Bud Bash brings.

“I think everyone is, because every resort is sold out, every restaurant is going to be booked. For breakfast you’re not going to be able to get a spot. It’s just all around good,” Hibbard claims.

And while businesses in Houghton Lake look forward to a busy weekend, they say they hope everyone has a safe and fun Bud Bash.