Brewvine: Blustone Vineyards

For this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you to Blustone Vineyards in Leelanau County for a glimpse at the grapes and their tasty wine offerings.

With the warm weather and growing conditions, the vines at Blustone Vineyards will be turning sunshine to sugar very soon, and turning these tiny green grapes into robust red wine grapes.

“You think about a vine, each one of these these leaves is like a little solar panel. And what it’s doing is it’s grabbing the sun and it’s taking that energy,” said Tom Knighton, owner and president of Blustone Vineyards. “The job of our vineyard crew is to is to channel that energy. What you don’t want right now is you don’t want to channel that energy into into vine growth. You want to channel that energy into fruit growth.”

The end result of all that energy is a delicious bottle of Blustone wine, like their “Winemakers Red,” an artisan blend of their amazing reds with a deep plum flavor and a pop of pepper.

“It has that kind of layers of flavor that come with a really good red wine. And we opened that or released that just about a month ago,” Knighton said. “It’s really young. I mean, it’s tasting young. We’ve been aging some of our Winemakers Reds now for over ten years. And they’re continuing to to develop and mature. So they’re real age worthy wines. So it’s kind of a bottle that I would tell our guests, you buy one to drink now, buy one to hold, you know, for ten years, because ten years from now, this wide is going to be really extraordinary.”

You can check out their beautiful venue while you enjoy a wine tasting or glass of wine. You can relax and listen to live music with friends during an “Up North Saturday Night,” or reserve a spot and indulge in their “Foodie Friday” events.

“Every Friday night we have a local chef comes in and makes their specialty,” Knighton said. “We pair that with Blustone Wines and serve it either inside the tasting room or out on the patio. And that’s become a really popular, popular event. It’s been sold out just about every Friday. So we encourage people to get a reservation if they want to eat inside the tasting room. It’s first come, first serve if you want to eat on the patio.”



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