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The Sweet Shop in Cadillac Preparing for Halloween

Hershey announced that there might be a shortage of candy come Halloween because of supply distribution issues.

The Sweet Shop in Cadillac says over the last year, they’ve had trouble getting chocolate and other ingredients to make their treats.

They are doing better now with supplies, but say the price of chocolate has gone up 20 to 25%.

Come October 31, if you can’t get your Hershey Bar or Reese’s Cup, The Sweet Shop makes their own.

“We do our peanut butter cups smaller, it’s a couple of bite pieces, but it’s a peanut butter whip on the bottom, which is peanut butter and white chocolate mixed together topped with milk chocolate,” said Janeen Russell. “We also make candy bars with our own chocolate.”

The Sweet Shop also sells bulk candy that you could pass out to trick-or-treaters.

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