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Northern Michigan Man Heading to International Space Station

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ASCAN 2014 class photo. Photo Date: January 10, 2014. Location: Building 8, Room 182 – Photo Studio. Photographer: Robert Markowitz

A man from Charlevoix is headed to space.

NASA Astronaut Josh Cassada is visiting the International Space Station aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in the coming months.

Cassada lives in Charlevoix with his family, but he’ll be calling the Space Station home for the next six months. He’ll perform space walks and other tasks to keep the Space Station up and running.

Cassada says he’s honored to get the opportunity, but admits he’ll miss his family and the beauty back home in northern Michigan.

“I’m absolutely going to miss my family, but I’m so happy to know that they’re down there especially there in Charlevoix among friends and family in that beautiful environment,” Cassada said.

He says it takes a lot of work to get to the International Space Station, but says he’s happy to get the opportunity.

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