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Lake Co. Sheriff Asks Community for Support After Deputy Badly Injured


The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is asking the community for support and prayers after a deputy was hurt in an accident earlier this week.

Lake County Sheriff Richard Martin says they received a call Tuesday about an individual that fell from a ladder or roof. When deputies arrived on scene, they realized it was one of their own.

Deputy Joe Smith is in the hospital where he’s currently paralyzed from the neck down.

“Time will only tell exactly what happens and what the future leaves for him,” Sheriff Martin states.

Deputy Smith has worked in Lake County for five years. Serving as both a Sergeant in the Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division as well as Security Deputy at the Lake County Court House.

“Just an upstanding good guy. For his age he actually was probably in better shape than the rest of us here at the department. Just a hard worker always someone we could count on,” Sheriff Martin said. “He really had a big impact on the people that live in the community.”

Sheriff Martin says Deputy Smith and his family need the communities support. So far, Sheriff Martin says people have stepped up to finish the roof he was working on and have been there for the family.

He says what he’s seen from the community makes him proud to be Sheriff as he and the whole county hope for Deputy Smith to recover.

“You see somebody with the dedication, the demeanor that Deputy Smith has, you’re not going to find that anywhere else,” Sheriff Martin says. “So, we’re fortunate to have him and we hope he has a speedy recover, because we’re going to need him back here.”

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