Abnormally Dry Conditions Affecting Cherry Crops in Northern Michigan

With abnormally dry conditions continuing to be a problem in some areas across northern Michigan, you may be wondering how it has effected the cherry crop here.

John Lyon, co-owner of Island View Orchards, told us that the initial crop was setting up to have a very big yield. But the lack of rain in July resulted in an almost 20% crop reduction from their initial forecast at the beginning of the season.

But he tells us the abnormally dry conditions has made for a very tasty cherry this year.

“Because of the drought, the concentration of flavors and sugars has never been higher in my memory of 50-60 years of doing this job,” Lyon said. “It has never been higher, the cherries have never tasted better. Their incredible. So anyone buying a cherry this year from northern Michigan is going to be in for a treat.”

He says even though they have seen a reduction in cherries, it still beats last years. Which for him was the smallest in over a decade.