Michigan Joins Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin in Building Lake Michigan EV Circuit

In collaboration with Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, Michigan will be helping to build the Lake Michigan EV Circuit Tour, the country’s first route specifically for electric cars.

It will provide those who drive electric cars with a “long-distance vacation opportunity with no range anxiety and no harmful emissions.”

“Today, Michigan is proud to lead the Lake Michigan Electric Vehicle Circuit Tour, a partnership between fellow Midwestern states to grow our economy, create more good-paying jobs, and lead the future of mobility and electrification,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “With this announcement, we are putting the country on notice that the Midwest is the place to be for clean energy and small business growth.”

The circuit tour will be a network of electric vehicle chargers spanning over 1,100 miles of drivable shoreline around Lake Michigan. Chargers will be installed at lighthouses, state parks, breweries, vineyards, restaurants and other small businesses. They will be included into existing chargers at large entertainment attractions in cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee and Green Bay.

Many of the circuits chargers are operational today, according to the Executive Office of the Governor, and drivers can expect the remaining chargers to be installed within the next few years.