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What’s Growing? Making Dairy Doo

In this week’s, What’s Growing? We went to Morgan Composting in Sears Michigan to show you how Dairy Doo is made.

So you may ask what’s in Dairy Doo?

Justin says this, “It’s a recipe. It’s kind of like making a cake. Just smells a little different on the onset. So it’s, you know, it’s manure from, you know, dairy, it’s carbon source, it’s like straw sawdust. And we mix and match according to nutrient and carbon and moisture.”

The long piles of Dairy Doo are turned and mixed every couple of days as it reaches over 130 degrees!

Ninety days later it’s ready to be screened and bagged.

Screening is important as the raw material has large pieces of compost and need to be taken out for the final product.

The screener does just that and what’s left is what you get at the store.