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Inside The Kitchen at FrankZ in Frankfort


“A line out the door for ten hours, a busy day for us now is 3,500 or 4,000 people,” said the owner of FrankZ, Joey Barcheski.

But for a well-oiled machine like this Frankfort restaurant, you’ll only wait a few minutes.

“If I can give them a taste of what made things great when they were a child, I’m doing my job,” he said.

The restaurant opened in 2015 with hotdogs and fries on the menu.

The Brian Dog is one of 11 on the menu you’ll find now.

It was inspired by a former employee named Brianne, when her name was auto-corrected in the schedule to ‘Brian.”

“This was her favorite dog, and when she moved on, we named the dog,” Joey said. “We’re not just family now, we’re family forever.”

The Betsy Fries have also been on the menu since the beginning.

“So we’re right on Betsy Bay,” he started. “It’s just kind of a name I came up with one night when I was creating this when I was 21 years old.”

First layer after the fries what FrankZ calls “Man Dip.”

“It’s a homemade cream based chili sauce I make with sweet green chilies, tomatoes and a homemade sausage blend, and then shredded cheddar cheese and green onions,” he described. “From humble beginnings to where we are now, I’m proud, And this dish is indicative of all of us.”

Every dish has a story.

“We have our gyro egg rolls,” Joey said.

Joey came up with these in Canada.

The idea traveled with him back home on a little piece of paper.

“It’s everything that’s good about a gyro, but it adds a different textural component to it, so it has the crispiness on the outside,” he said. “The cheese really ties it together and the green onions cut against it.”

Co-chef Miles Hackett says customers come for food and leave with friendship.

“And then by the time they’re leaving, they’re like, we’re coming back tomorrow,” Miles said. “And we have so many regulars now that just are basically friends.”

You can find FrankZ at 325 Main Street in Frankfort, or call them at 231-352-9040.

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