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What’s Growing? Food Plot Preparation Part 2

Last week, we tore up the food plot area preparing it so we could plant seeds this week.

We are happy with how the plot has been coming along the last few years. The soil is dark and much better from the way it started.

We’ve done a lot of work to get it so nice, nice, and dark right now.

The next step is choosing the right seed for our area to bring in a lot of deer. Justin has his preferences.

“I always lean towards like I’m Morgan Big Buck,” he said. “These are available in Sears that are at our own retail shop there or an Uncle Buck. And the Uncle Buck is designed for like lighter soils. And in Michigan, we have a lot of lighter soil.”

We’re doing a combination of grazing brassica and Uncle Buck this year. The number one reason is food! Deer like a buffet, just like you and I!

We mix them together and the good news is they are same size. That’s great so they get spread evenly over the area.

You don’t need heavy equipment to do this job. The key thing is solid seed-to-soil contact and the seeds are lightly covered.

When the seeds are covered, you’re done.

All you can do is hope it rains and things start to grow.

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