Oliver Art Center Combines Visual and Culinary Arts in New HealthsmART Program

Cooking is a form of art, but making food accessible to our community, especially our young ones, allows them to have healthy, nutritious meals.

Food insecurity affects many people, especially with the rising cost of food due to inflation.

Oliver Art Center in Frankfort wanted to help families in the community with their new HealthsmART Program where kids could express themselves through art and cooking.

Children ages 7 and up can be part of an art class, and learn how to cook simple recipes. The new program teaches kitchen safety, and provides each student with a bag of groceries to bring home so they can make the recipe they made with their classmates, at home. The art projects made connect with what they’ll be cooking that week.

Classes are held every Friday until August 26th. To register online, CLICK HERE.

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