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Local Wedding Venues, Couples Planning Weddings Feel Effects of Inflation


One year it’s COVID then the next it’s rising inflation like we haven’t seen in 40 years, couples hoping to get married have had a tough go over the past couple years.

Businesses and people in all walks of life have felt the effects of inflation, couples and wedding venues are no exception.

With inflation refusing to subside, many couples hoping to get married this wedding season are being forced to rethink their big day. The Sales & Event Manager at Kirkbride Hall, Chelsea Harland, says couples budgets are a little tighter this year.

“Couples are getting a little more creative in regards to how to save money and still have that overall budget so they can still get the things that they really want,” Harland states. “We have a wedding coming up in August and they decided to get married on a Sunday because that saved them some money. Both with us and some vendors.”

Local event centers have either noticed fewer weddings getting booked, or couples spending less than usual. The owner of the Grand Traverse Event Center, Stuart Lazar, says they’ve seen wedding receptions cut in half due to the rising prices.

“It has certainly resulted in a little less money for us. I think we’ve done a couple less events than we would’ve done normally this summer. We’ve also seen lower overall price tags for weddings,” Lazar explains.

They say couples are spending less on food and beverage packages which in turn has led to less revenue for wedding venues. The Grand Traverse Event Center has seen a bit of a decrease in the number of people booking weddings, but their main loss in revenue is from couples, “cutting back on what they’re doing.”

“So, instead of having open bars, [instead] maybe providing their guests with one drink, or having cash bars. We’ve also seen them cutting back on the number of people they invite or the kinds of food they serve,” Lazar states.

They say it’s hurt more than just them, but local florists, bakers, DJs and other industries tied to wedding season as well. They say they’re just like every business in town, just hoping to get through inflation.

“It’s tough for everyone out there, and I sympathize with everybody, but we’ll all get through it,” Lazar says.