Bikes for Kids 2022: Winner 2

Congratulation to our winner: Ava Martin of Mt. Pleasant!

Bikes for Kids is BACK! 9&10 News, Meijer of Mt. Pleasant, and Barberi Law Firm, have teamed up once again to celebrate the youth who are making a positive difference in our communities. This week, we celebrate Ava Martin, age 7, from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan!

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Ava is going into the 2nd grade this fall at Ganiard Elementary and was nominated by her mother, Jenny Martin. Ava is a caring young lady who has already made a significant impact in numerous lives: showing dedication to her community through the domestication, training, and ultimate help, to adopt feral cats in her neighborhood. Along with Ava’s neighbor, Joelle, they have rescued over 20 cats since beginning their mission in 2020. Ava helps to spot the cats, feed them, and socialize them, so that one day they can find a loving home of their own. Ava is always very eager to help and has been very successful in taming cats that have had limited contact with people. We can’t think of a more deserving child for a new bike! Keep up the great work Ava!

Barberi Law, along with My104.3, 9&10 News, Meijer, and The Morning Sun, will be rewarding children all summer long by giving bikes away to some very deserving kids in our community. If you know a special child who’s known for helping others or who has positively impacted his/her community, school, friends or family, you can nominate them by scanning the above QR code or by visiting the 9&10 News entry page at Barberi Law looks forward to reading all of your submissions!

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