Manistee Woman Says 15-year-old Neighbor Attacked Her and is Waiting for Justice

Shanell Larner moved to Manistee in February of 2021. She says the first night in her new home, a 15-year-old neighbor tried to come into her house.

“I didn’t know what was going on, so I didn’t answer the door because it wasn’t a knock. It was like shaking. You could hear picking at the lock. You could hear him banging on the door’s seam, and then they went down to the front of the house and banged on that door.” explained Shanell Larner.

Larner says from that night to May, she would notice the teen spying on her and trying to break in.

“I would sit there and record it because I was told by the cops we really don’t have anything on him. It’s your word against his,” said Larner.

Larner says eventually, the boy attacked her on Mother’s Day of 2021 by trying to choke her.

“I walk in, and I see him in the reflection of that window. I just put my hands up to scream, and he grabbed me and threw me up against that stove,” said Larner. “I finally got my hands up, and I was able to bend my fingers out just enough to like for his grip in the back to break. I was able to scream. That’s when my dogs came running in.”

Larner says the dogs ended up scaring the teen who jumped out a second-story window.

The Manistee Prosecutor’s Office confirmed they are handling the case but can’t release any details since the alleged attack involves a juvenile.

“I’m just tired. I want to be. I want it to go away. I want my life back,” said Larner. “I feel like people aren’t safe because who knows who he’s going to target next.”

The teen no longer lives next door. Larner says her new neighbors are incredibly nice but she believes he is still in the area.

Larner is waiting for some justice.