Hook & Hunting: St. Marys River Fish Survey Happening in August

It’s a fish survey that is done every five years on the St. Marys River since it began in 1975, and now it’s coming back in August.

Sports and recreational fishing are huge on the river, and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission wants to know what kind of fish are in the river, along with the health of the fish.

A group of nine organizations from Michigan and Ontario form a commission. They each have an integral part in conducting a fish community survey in August.

From Bay Mills to Detour Village, forty-four nets of different shapes and sizes will capture fish. From the smallest of minnows to lake sturgeon that are nearly six feet long.

“The river, over the time series, has proven to be a very stable fishery. It’s very diverse. It’s 70 miles long so there’s all types of different habitat all through the river,” Rusty Aikens, the Fisheries Enhancement Coordinator Sault Tribe, said. “Because it’s been going on since ’75, we can see trends, the up and down trends of different species within the river.”

The nets are only in the river for one night and most of the fish are released back after evaluated. Some are kept for further study.

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