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What’s Growing? Food Plot Preparation Part 1

You might NOT be thinking about food plots right now, but some hunters are.

Here’s what you can do to get an area ready for a food plot.

One key thing to look for, are ferns!

Justin says if you have ferns, the soil isn’t balanced and your seed isn’t going to grow well.  The soil needs to be balanced so the plants can take in the nutrients to grow easily.

In addition, we are going to put down Food Plot Doo. That’s where you’re getting a lot of nutrients and organics for the soil.

But What’s the difference between Food Plot Doo and Veggie Doo.

This is what Justin says” So Veggie Doo is built for like raised beds and for vegetables. So the Food Plot Doo was designed just for food plots. And we put carbon in there because typically, the soils that we’re in right now currently are really low organic matter soils.”

We need organics in the soil to help our plants grow well.

So, after putting down the lime, Foot Plot Doo, and tearing up the soil – it’s time to choose the right seed.

That’s coming up in our next segment.