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Cadillac Vets Serving Vets Buy-A-Brick Fundraiser

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You can help a northern Michigan veterans park expand its offerings and raise funds for several projects one brick at a time.

This summer, the Cadillac Veterans Serving Veterans Park began their “Buy-A-Brick” fundraiser.

You can purchase bricks engraved with your name or the names of anyone you would like to honor.  They will be placed either in pathways in the park, around flagpoles or just on display.
The money from this ongoing fundraiser will go toward their many projects, such as a Vietnam wall replica, moving the historic Octagon Building from the Wexford County Fairgrounds to the park and building a veterans cemetery.  Their plans don’t stop there.

“We’re also looking at building a small community off to the northwest here of small one bedroom, one compartment kind of buildings for homeless veterans, for a temporary stay,” said Rodney Welliver, Vets Serving Vets board member.

They need to get a total of 400 bricks on order for them to get their first shipment.  You don’t need to buy bricks to help vets serving vets.  The non-profit welcomes all monetary donations of any kind.

If you’d like to help them in their quest, .

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