Wellness Wednesday: Petoskey Strength & Fitness Powerlifting Team

“Powerlifting is like a state of mind. It pushes you beyond what you really think you can do or are able to do.”

Mind–body–and soul.

“If your body’s healthy, you’re healthy. The mind leads the body, they all work together.”

That is what Petoskey Strength & Fitness stands for when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Todd Budden, owner of Petoskey Strength & Fitness explains, “This is a good outlet for the daily stresses. Powerlifting focuses on the big three lifts. So it’s your maximum effort on a squat, bench, and a deadlift.”

Todd Budden is the owner of the gym, and knowing that the fitness world is a community of its own– There was *no hesitation to add a powerlifting team.

He says, “It’s really developed over the last two years. We started with just me and Tammy, that developed into the first five, and then we’ve grown into what you see now which is about 14.

This powerlifting team is reaching goals and crushing personal records.

“We just recently got back from Las Vegas, which is the pinnacle of our existence at nationals,” says Budden.

Tammy Jo Remsberg shares, “My first year at nationals, I placed fourth. My second year, third. And this year we just went to Vegas and I was second. Second in the country at 61, and it was pretty amazing.”

For Tammy Jo Remsberg and April Johnson, this team has taught them that age doesn’t limit your abilities.

“This is the best thing for my body at my age. I started powerlifting, I was 58, I’m 61 now- I’m in better shape than I have been even in my 20s and 30s. And having young teammates is even better. They push me beyond what I think I’m capable of,” says Remsberg.

Johnson says, “I have two older daughters as well, so she is the youngest, she’s eight. But it just shows them that it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you can always fit your passions into your life.”

But it’s not about muscles or strength for this powerlifting team–

“We empower each other. We lift each other up, we check on each other,” says Remsberg.

It’s about being there for one another when life… knocks you down.

Johnson adds, “People that push you, people that support you, people that are not going to be negative about the lifestyle that you choose.”

“It becomes way more than just a trainer/coach relationship. There’s genuine friendships here, we hang out on holidays, we hang out outside the facility,” says Budden.

Bringing a tear to Remsberg’s eyes, she expresses, “I get emotional because these girls are my family. He’s like my son, because I am the oldest one. They know more about me than people I’ve known my whole life. They’re my family.”

And no matter what, the strength they have gained is because of their strong foundation– Family.

“It’s a family that’s beyond blood. It’s a family that we share blood, sweat, and tears,” says Remsberg.

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