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Cadillac Salvation Army Welcomes New Officers-in-Command

Cadillac Sal Arm

The Cadillac Salvation Army welcomed two new Officers-in-Command to lead community service in the area.

Lieutenant Gregory Bock and his wife, Lisa, were installed on Sunday as the Officers-in-Command.

Lisa is from northern Michigan, and they wanted to be closer to family, while also serving as officers of Salvation Army.

When the opportunity came to serve in Cadillac, they moved from their first assignment in Muscatine, Iowa to northern Michigan.

Lt. Gregory Bock said he wants to get to know the people they’ll be serving.

“I want to hear their stories, I want to hear their Salvation Army stories, what they like, what they don’t like,” he said. “How they think that we can serve better, more effectively, more efficiently.”

Lt. Gregory Bock said he and his wife would also like to honor the previous leaders.

“We both want to honor Major RC Duskin and his late wife Miranda,” he said. “The community stepped up big time when they lost Miranda in 2019. Our goal is to honor their service, honor their legacy, but just to take the army to the next level and to engage like never before.”

He said their doors are open, and they’re looking for ways to better help the community.