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What’s Growing? Veggie Bed Update

What do you get when you combine seeds, summer warmth, and water! You get an incredible looking garden!

Our raised vegetable beds are in great shape!

Even though a little more warmth would be nice, our beds have no problems right now.

All the plants are nice and green with only 1 leaf showing a touch of brown.

“We have broccoli coming in here. Got our what’s our peppers coming in nicely too. And the thing is it’s nice is spaced out.”

The one bed has a bunch more plants and might need a little help next month. So it might need some Healthy Garden but right now it’s good to go.

Our green beans, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce are just about perfect.

Next week, we’re back to the food plot. It is that time of year, Thinking about hunting for this fall and it’s time to get it ready and get things going for later on into September, October, November, maybe even December.

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